"Lettering Box" is a lettering brush set for Procreate app. This set includes 12 procreate brushes designed for enthusiasts of lettering and modern calligraphy. Each brush is thoughtfully designed with hand-drawn shapes, imparting a distinctive style to your lettering creations. 
• Kraken
• Mono 3D
• Solid
• Anmarker
• Creatone
• Double Shine
• Double shine 3D
• Funko
• Handflow
• Martin
• Tager
• Vinyl
Some of the brushes:
Requirements: iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, Procreate app
Recommended installation method: 
Extract the zip file, place the .brush files in a cloud service (iCloud, Dropbox, Google drive etc.)
Locate the files in your iPad.
Open the Procreate app in split view and simply drag and drop the .brush files from the files app to whichever brush library you'd like.


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